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Manila – Kare-Kare | Food Wars Asia | Food Network Asia

VOTE for your preferred Kare-Kare at http://www.foodnetworkasia.com/foodwarsasia! Food Hero winner Michele Lean visits Cafe Juanita and Abe in Manila, Philippines to decide which of the two makes the better Kare-Kare (ox stew with tripe and peanut sauce) . — “Food Wars Asia” follows Food Hero winner, Michele Lean as she travels Asia and settles one […]

The Best Korean Restaurants in Manila

Annyeonghaseyo! There’s so much love for all things Korean sweeping the nation, so we decided to hit up the best Korean BBQ places in town. Where’s your favorite kbbq restaurant?? Comment below, and don’t forget to check these out the next time you wanna grill: Yedang Masil Min Sok Joe Snack Grill Korea Garden Yoree […]