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Manila – Kare-Kare | Food Wars Asia | Food Network Asia

VOTE for your preferred Kare-Kare at! Food Hero winner Michele Lean visits Cafe Juanita and Abe in Manila, Philippines to decide which of the two makes the better Kare-Kare (ox stew with tripe and peanut sauce) . — “Food Wars Asia” follows Food Hero winner, Michele Lean as she travels Asia and settles one […]

The Best Korean Restaurants in Manila

Annyeonghaseyo! There’s so much love for all things Korean sweeping the nation, so we decided to hit up the best Korean BBQ places in town. Where’s your favorite kbbq restaurant?? Comment below, and don’t forget to check these out the next time you wanna grill: Yedang Masil Min Sok Joe Snack Grill Korea Garden Yoree […]


Kesarap talaga ng pagkaing PINOY, lalo na yung street foods natin. Panalo! Tulungan natin si Lloyd Cafe Cadena manalo as “Favorite Radio DJ” sa Rawr Awards 2017 ? 1. Visit this link – (Wait mo mag load. Use Destop View) 2. I-CLICK mo ang name ni LLOYD CADENA to VOTE (Not the Picture) 3. […]

Kwentong Jollibee: Kahera

Pinaghuhusay niya ang kanyang trabaho dahil sa suporta at gabay na natatanggap niya araw-araw. #KwentongJollibee #HappyGrandparentsDay #September11 Filipino Restaurants in Dubai

The Best Halo Halo (Halo Halo History)

Hi Everyone, Please check out and share this new show called Best Of that i put together with American Tourister. It’s going to be a slightly informative, mostly fun series that focuses on what can be considered the Best Of something. Whether it’s a dish, a location, a mountain, a festival and basically anything that […]

Open A Ramen Shop and Yuka Eats 10 Bowls of Ramen

木下ゆうかLINEスタンプ2でたよ!!!ᐠ( ᐢᐢ )ᐟ LINEアプリ内の、スタンプショップで『木下ゆうか』と検索すると出てきます! 今回の地震で被災された方々が少しでも早く復興できますように。。! Yahoo 熊本地震災害の緊急支援募金の受付中 ⭐️2016木下ゆうかオリジナルグッズができました!\(﹡ˆOˆ﹡)/ 【Tシャツ&パーカーが追加されたよ!】 木下ゆうか:“Yuka Kinoshita” Japanese ⭐️[[TURN ON CC FOR SUBTITLES]] ⭐️ for more fully subtitled videos click here ⭐️Thank you Mr. Aphexx(@aphexx9 )-English subtitles ⭐️Thank you Mr. Range o(@orange0204)-Chinese subtitles ⭐️Thank you Mr.Waza_leji(Ieji_San) -Arabic subtitles ⭐️Thank you Mr.Taejun Lee -Korean subtitles ⭐️Thank you Jane-Korean subtitles ⭐️Thank you-Marisa […]

Easy Champorado Hack

Easy Champorado Hack using Cooked Rice and Flat Tops! Are you down for a champorado snack but does not have the time to cook it from scratch? take a look at this! Riceype at the comment section. Dont forget to share to a friend! follow us on instagram! like us on facebook! Looking […]

Extra Effort Pancit Canton

Extra Effort Pancit Canton INGREDIENTS Servings: 2 Garnish: 1 calamansi cut in half 2 Packets of Pancit Canton ( original/sweet and spicy) 1 tbsp. oil 1/2 medium sized onion sliced 1/2 medium sized carrot julienned 1/8 medium sized cabbage julienned 1 tbsp. oyster sauce 1 cup water PREPARATION 1. Preheat a large pan 2. Add […]

Longanisa Fried Rice

This video demonstrates how to cook Longanisa Fried Rice. Longanisa refers to Filipino sweet sausage. This is usually eaten for breakfast along with rice and egg. This fried rice recipe makes it possible to to combine all the ingredients necessary to enjoy a complete longanisa breakfast meal making it a meal in itself. Looking for […]

Sinigang na Baboy with Gabi

The complete recipe can be found at Sinigang na Baboy with Gabi is a popular Filipino soup dish. It has pork belly with vegetables such as okra, kangkong (ong choy), snake beans, onion, dikon radish, and taro. It is cooked in a sour broth. The souring agent is usually unripe tamarind. This recipe makes […]